Met. Cheroubim

His Beatitude Metropolitan of Vithynia and Pamphylia Cheroubim was born Alexandros Doukatas in 1956 in Athens. Since 1979, he associated himself with His Beatitude the Metropolitan of Avlona and Viotia Angelos, then serving as an Archimandrite.  Met. Cheroubim became an assistant of Met. Angelos in his missionary work. In 1981, he joined the Monastic Brotherhood of Archangel Michael, becoming the first monk.  He took the Great Schema in 1983, He was ordained Deacon and Priest by the Late Metropolitan of N. Ionia, Timotbeos.

In 1986, he followed Met. Angelos and joined the Genuine Orthodox Church.  On Sunday June 16m 2010, he was consecrated Vicar Bishop by His Beatitude Metropolitan Angelos, Archbishop of Milan Evloghios, and the Metropolitan of Bulgaria Gervasios, with the Bishops Porfyrios and Gabriel assisting.  He received the title of Bishop of Vithynia.  He served our Met. Angelos faithfully, attending to the proper functioning of the monastery properties, to the chanting of the monastics, and to the liturgical precision of the clergy.  He has represented the synod in meetings and concelebrations across Europe.

On May 15, 2021, following the repose of Met. Angelos, the Holy Synod met for the purpose of electing a new Metropolitan.   The synodal meeting was chaired by Met. Seraphim of Moscow at the invitation of the bishops present. The surviving Greek bishops were joined by Bp. Irineos from the United States and Bp. Seraphim from Germany. The other bishops were unable to travel due to the COVID restrictions but had each given their proxies prior to the meeting.

After prayer and discussion, the Holy Synod elected Bp. Cherubim of Vithynia to the presidency of the Holy Synod. He was elevated to Metropolitan at the Divine Liturgy for the Sunday of the Holy Myrrhbearers.

He possesses a Highest Electronics Degree, speaks English, and graduated as Conductor of Byzantine Music from the National Auditorium.

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