Archangel Michael’s, Oropos.

Feast: 6th of September.
Abbot: the Presidential Bishop, PORFYRIOS of Euchaita.
Monks: 18  Novices: 1
Founder & Spiritual Fr: METR ANGELOS
Relics: St Nektarios’ and Martyr’s Filoymenou.

Convent of Theogennitoros

Feast: Sunday of Myroforon and on the Dormition.
Abbess: Gerontissa Mariam
Nuns: 77 Novices: 1
Telephone: +30 22950 98304
+30 694 4605945 Fax: +30 22950 98881
Chapels: Hlia the prophet, St. Nikaloas, St George, Holy Cross, st Onufrios, St Nektarios.
Founder & Spiritual Fr: METR ANGELOS
Holy Relics: Cross with Holy Wood – Crosses containing parts of Holy wood – St George – St Dimitrios – St John Baptist – St Onufrios – St Nektarios – St Xenia – St Prokopios – St John the Merciful – St Helen – St Vasilios the Great – St Nikolaos – St John Chrysostom -St Jeronymous of Egina – and many more.

Announciation ‘s (Oropos)

Feast: on the Announciation (25 March) and on Dormition (15 August).
Abbess: Myrofora. Nuns: 8
Telephone: +30 2295071810, 2295071630
Chapels: St Anargyroi, St Modestos St Nikolaos (outside the Monastery)
Spiritual Father: H.B. the Metropolinan Angelos
Founder: Archim Ilarion Lavreotis (Ouzounopoulos).
Serving Priest: hierom. Evloghios Tsentzos
Many relics are treasured.

Dormition (Ab. Akakias’)

Feast: on Dotmition.
Abbess: Gerontissa ‘Akakia
Nuns: 3
Many relics treasured.

Fastlistener (Chalkidos)

In Charge: sister Theogenitria
Nuns: 5
Chapels: St George, St Nikolaos, St. Minas.
Priest: Hierom. Taxiarhis.
Many relics treasured.


Abbot: His Eminence the Chor-Bishop of Myreon MOSES
Monks: 3

Nativity, Nimes, France

Abbot: Hierom. Gerasimos.
Monks: 8. Hierom. Gerasimos, Hierom. Theodoros
Feast: Nativity of Theotokos.

Scete of St Serafim Sarov

In Charge: Hierom Iov.
Monks: 8.

Scete St Sergios’ of Randonez

In Charge: Archim. Pitirim.
Monks: 11.

Scete for Virgins: ” the Joy of all unhappy ”

In Charge: sister Cheruvima.
Nuns: 20

Scete of St Elizabeth

In Charge: sister Nikodimi. Nuns: 19.
Parishes in France: 17

Resurrection (Equador)

Abbott: Metropolitan’s Vicar ABRAHAM.
Monks: 5
Feast: on Holy Paschva.

Convent of Theosis (Equador)

Abbess: sister Mariamne.
Nuns: 3.
Feast: St Gregory Palamas

St Jonh Damaskinos (Colombia)

Abbot: Metropolitan’s Vicar PANTELEIMON.
Monks: 2.
Feast: 4 December.

Holy Trinity (Colombia)

In Charge: sister Veronica
Nuns: 3
Feast: on Monday of Holy Spirit.

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