Holy Metropolitan Synod of the Patristic Calendar

(AVLONA Synod)

Our Dearest Brothers in Christ, rejoice always in Christ!

This is the brand new official Site of the Holy Metropolitan Synod of the Patristic Calendar of the Genuine Orthodox Church of Hellas.

In this you can get informed about our Synodical News as well as the Patristic Orthodox presence of our Holy Synod.

The Holy Metropolitan Synod of the Patristic Calendar of the Genuine Orthodox Church (GOC’s) of Hellas, was officially founded in 2010, by His Beatitude the Metropolitan of Avlona and Viotia messr. ANGELOS, along with His (then) Vicar Bishops: Bishop of Martyropolis (now of Euchaita) Porfyrios (Synodical Head-Secretary), Bishop of Pamfylia Gabriel and Bishop of Pentapolis Cherouvim.

Today, it consists of 19 Hierarchs who are serving the Genuine Orthodox Church all around the world with confessory zeal and admirable missionary work.


The Purposes of our Holy Synod are

  • 1
    The spread of the Genuine Orthodox Faith, which Faith is connected to Jesus Christ’s One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and as this Faith has been described by the Holy Apostles and the Holy Seven Ecumenical Councils. Beyond those that have been preached to us by the Holy Fathers of the Church, nothing else is been believed or accepted or admitted by us.
  • 2
    The demonstration (world-widely if possible) of the Worshiping Majesty of our Church, through mainly the Sacrament of Sacraments: the Holy Eucharistia.
  • 3
    The proclamation through our personal silent experience, of the Monastic ideals as they were applied in the major Monastic Centers (especially Mount Athos) and continue to be experienced in all of our Monasteries.
  • 4
    The prophetical preaching of Repentance to the Heretics and those outside of the One Church, as well as the personal sanctification -through the Holy Mysteries- for those inside the One Church and the One Faith.
  • 5
    The activistic Homology (confession) against the plans of the Dark Powers, who wish to “misguide even the chosen ones” (as it is written in Apocalypse), by using the modern technology and with the assistance of the anti-theistic “Ecumenism” and the rest of the New Age “movements”.
  • 6
    THE -MOSTLY DESIRED- UNIFICATION OF THE HEALTHY ORTHODOX POWERS, this is the local Synods, in which, due to some specific conditions, the GOC’s Church is been divided. May Jesus Christ our Lord, make us worthy of this all-desired unification, AMEN!


+Metropolitan of Bithynia and Pamfilia Cherubim, President
+Archbishop Pentapoleos Kirilos, Vice-President
+Archbishop Myreon Serafim
+Bishop Martyropolos Serafim
+Bishop Monasterion Panaretos
+Bishop Euchaiton Agathagelos

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